What Is Bigger Chanel Maxi or Jumbo?

Are you in the market for a Chanel bag but unsure which size to choose? The Chanel Maxi and Jumbo are both popular options, but what exactly sets them apart? Let’s take a closer look.

Chanel Maxi vs. Jumbo: What’s the Difference?

At first glance, the Chanel Maxi and Jumbo may look similar. They both have the iconic quilted leather design and double-C logo. However, there are several key differences between the two.


One of the most obvious differences is size. The Chanel Maxi measures 13″ x 9″ x 4″, while the Jumbo measures 12″ x 8″ x 3″. This means that the Maxi is slightly larger and has more room for your belongings.


The Maxi has a more classic and sophisticated look, with its longer shape and larger size making it perfect for dressier occasions. On the other hand, the Jumbo has a more casual feel, with its shorter length and smaller size making it ideal for everyday wear.

Strap Length

The strap length is another distinguishing factor. The Maxi has a longer chain strap that can be worn crossbody or over-the-shoulder. The Jumbo has a shorter chain strap that can only be worn over-the-shoulder.

Which One Should You Choose?

Ultimately, choosing between the Chanel Maxi and Jumbo comes down to personal preference and needs. If you’re looking for a bag that can hold more items and has a classic look, go for the Maxi. If you want something more casual that’s perfect for everyday wear, then opt for the Jumbo.

Tips for Buying a Chanel Bag

Regardless of which size you choose, buying a Chanel bag is a big investment. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Buy from a reputable seller to ensure that you’re getting an authentic bag.
  • Consider buying pre-owned to save money.
  • Choose a classic style and color that will never go out of fashion.
  • Care for your bag properly by storing it in its dust bag and avoiding contact with harsh chemicals.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to make the right choice when it comes to buying a Chanel bag. Whether you go for the Maxi or Jumbo, you’ll have a timeless piece that will last for years to come.