What Is Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Industrial Design?

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design (BFAID) major is a specialized program designed to prepare students for a career in the industrial design field. It is offered at many accredited universities and colleges throughout the United States.

The program typically includes coursework in the design, fabrication, and production of products. Students learn to apply artistic principles and techniques to solve problems related to the design of products for commercial, industrial, and consumer markets.

The BFAID program usually consists of four years of study which includes courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, printing techniques, computer-aided design (CAD), materials science, product development and prototyping. In addition to these core classes, students may take electives such as business management and marketing that will help them understand how their designs can be promoted and sold successfully.

With this broad background in art and design theory, students are provided with an excellent foundation that prepares them for a wide range of industrial design positions. They may work as independent designers or be employed by engineering firms or manufacturers who need their services.

In addition to the technical training provided by the BFAID program, students gain valuable experience through internships at companies that specialize in product design and manufacturing. This type of hands-on experience gives them an inside look into what it takes to create products from concept to completion.

The BFAID major is an excellent choice for those interested in pursuing a career in industrial design. Graduates of this program have gone on to work for leading companies around the world as well as emerging start-ups who are creating innovative technologies for consumers.

With their combination of technical knowledge and creative thinking skills, they are well-equipped to become leaders in this ever-changing field.


A Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Industrial Design provides students with an excellent foundation that prepares them for a successful career in product development and manufacturing. With its combination of technical knowledge, creative thinking skills and practical experience through internships, graduates have all the tools they need to become leaders in this dynamic field.