What Is Audit in Product Design?

An audit in product design is an important process used to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of a product or service. It is used to assess the quality of the product, as well as its usability, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. An audit can also help identify areas for improvement or highlight potential issues that should be addressed.

The first step of an audit is to define the scope of the review. This includes defining what the product or service is, who will use it and what it is intended to do.

Once this has been established, a list of criteria should be created which will be used to review the product or service against. These criteria could include user satisfaction, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, sustainability and safety.

Once these criteria have been determined, it’s time to begin the actual process of auditing the product or service. This involves assessing how well it meets each criterion by gathering evidence and data from a variety of sources including customer feedback, market research and industry experts. The audit team will also consider any potential risks associated with using the product or service as well as any potential opportunities that could be exploited by making improvements.

The final step in an audit is to review all of the evidence gathered and make a recommendation on whether or not changes should be made in order for the product or service to meet its goals. This could include recommending new features or changes in design or implementation to improve usability, performance and cost-effectiveness. After this recommendation has been made, it’s up to senior management to decide whether they should implement any changes recommended by the audit team.

Auditing products and services is an essential part of any successful business strategy. It can help identify areas that need improvement and provide opportunities for innovation which can lead to improved customer satisfaction, increased profits and overall success for businesses that take advantage of them.


In conclusion, an audit in product design is a critical process used to evaluate how well a product meets its goals while also considering potential risks associated with using it. It involves gathering evidence from various sources before making recommendations on whether changes are needed in order for it to meet its objectives. Ultimately, auditing products can help businesses identify areas where improvements are needed which can lead to greater success for those who take advantage of them appropriately.