What Is an Industrial Design Engineer?

Industrial design engineers are professionals who specialize in the design and development of products and systems intended for industrial use. They are responsible for creating, engineering and improving products to meet specific customer needs. Industrial design engineers must be able to work with a variety of materials, tools, and processes in order to create a product that will function correctly for its intended purpose.

Job Duties

Industrial design engineers have a wide range of job duties, from conceptualizing new products to researching existing products and determining how they can be improved. They must be able to analyze and understand customer needs and develop solutions that meet those needs.

Industrial design engineers also need to be familiar with the laws governing safety and environmental protection, in order to create products that are safe for users and the environment. In addition, industrial design engineers must have strong communication skills in order to collaborate effectively with other members of the engineering team.

Education Requirements

Industrial design engineers typically hold a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering or a related field such as mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. In addition, it is important for them to have experience in computer-aided design (CAD) software programs as well as manufacturing methods such as 3D printing or injection molding. Additionally, many industrial designers are expected to complete courses on manufacturing processes, materials science, product design principles, ergonomics and quality control methods.

Career Outlook

The career outlook for industrial design engineers is generally positive due to rising demand for new products and systems designed specifically for industrial use. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment of industrial designers is projected to grow at a rate above average over the next decade. The median annual salary for an industrial designer was reported by BLS at $64,520 in May 2019.


In conclusion, an Industrial Design Engineer is an important professional who specializes in designing products and systems meant for industrial use while meeting customer requirements through research, analysis and understanding laws governing safety standards. They must possess strong communication skills along with technical knowledge which includes CAD software proficiency as well as knowledge about manufacturing processes like 3D printing or injection molding among others which makes their career outlook positive due to rising demand for new products meant exclusively for industry use.