What Is an Industrial Design Bedroom?

An industrial design bedroom is a type of interior design that focuses on raw materials, exposed elements and vintage pieces. It combines the simplicity and functionality of industrial elements with more comfortable, homey elements to create an edgy yet inviting bedroom. The concept of an industrial bedroom is to mix unfinished and polished looks in order to create a unique space that reflects the owner’s individual style.

Raw Materials

The use of raw materials such as exposed brick, concrete, pipes, steel beams and other unfinished materials is one of the main components of an industrial design bedroom. These materials can be used as structural elements or simply for decoration.

For instance, exposed brick walls provide a unique texture and look that will immediately draw attention to the room. Other options for raw materials include reclaimed wood or metal furniture pieces or vintage light fixtures.

Industrial Furniture

Industrial furniture is another key component in creating an industrial design bedroom. This type of furniture typically has a utilitarian aesthetic with minimalistic designs and simple Silhouettes.

Examples include metal beds with iron frames, steel nightstands or wooden dressers with metal accents. Exposed piping can also be used as bed frames or decorative pieces around the room.

Vintage Pieces

When it comes to creating an industrial look in a bedroom, no detail should be overlooked – even old items can be incorporated into the design in thoughtful ways. Vintage items such as old trunks, suitcases and typewriters can add character while still maintaining the industrial feel of the room. These items can be used as nightstands, storage solutions or just for decoration.


An industrial design bedroom is a unique style that combines raw materials with vintage pieces for an edgy yet inviting look. The use of raw materials such as exposed brick and concrete create structure while industrial furniture pieces provide functionality and vintage items add character to complete the look. By mixing these elements together you can create a one-of-a-kind bedroom that reflects your individual style!