What Is a Wrap in Graphic Design?

A wrap in graphic design is a design that wraps around an object or surface. This can be a piece of clothing, a vehicle, or even a building.

The goal of a wrap is to cover the entire surface with the same design. It can be used to create a unified look across several different surfaces.

Wraps are often used in marketing and advertising campaigns to promote products and services. They are also used in interior design to create a cohesive look throughout an office space or restaurant. Wraps are also popular for personalizing items such as cars, boats, and motorcycles.

There are many different types of wraps available. They can range from simple vinyl decals to full-body graphics.

The size of the wrap will depend on the size of the object or surface being covered. For instance, if you want to wrap a car, you may need a large vinyl wrap that covers the entire vehicle.

When it comes to designing wraps, there are many factors to consider such as color palette, typography, imagery, and layout. Designers must think about how each element will work together in order to create an effective overall design.

A well-designed wrap should be eye-catching and draw attention from potential customers or clients. It should also be informative and clearly communicate whatever message it is trying to convey.


In conclusion, wraps are an important part of graphic design that can be used for marketing campaigns, interior design projects, and personalization projects. Designers must consider several factors when creating a wrap such as color palette, typography, imagery and layout in order to create an effective overall design that will draw attention from potential customers or clients.