What Is a Universal Design Home?

A Universal Design Home is a home designed to accommodate people of all ages and abilities. It is designed to be accessible, comfortable, and inviting for everyone who lives in or visits the home. Universal Design Homes are designed for the long-term, so that as family members age, their needs can be met without having to make costly modifications.

Accessibility – Universal Design Homes are designed with accessibility in mind. This means that the home has wide hallways and doorways, ramps instead of stairs, and lever-style doorknobs which make it easier for those with mobility issues or limited strength. Other features such as grab bars in bathrooms and showers, lower countertops and cabinets, adjustable lighting fixtures, and voice activated controls are also included to improve accessibility.

Comfort – Comfort is an important feature of a Universal Design Home. These homes have temperature controls that allow occupants to adjust the temperature in each room to their individual comfort level. Along with temperature control systems, the home may also include noise control systems which can reduce outside noise or create a peaceful atmosphere inside the home.

Aesthetics – Universal Design Homes are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. These homes use natural materials and colors that blend into their surroundings while still making them stand out from other homes on the block. The use of light colors throughout helps create an inviting atmosphere while avoiding a “cluttered” feel inside the home.

Conclusion: A Universal Design Home is an excellent choice for those who want a safe, comfortable living space that accommodates all family members regardless of their age or ability level. With features such as wide hallways and doorways, ramps instead of stairs, adjustable lighting fixtures, noise control systems and more; these homes provide a great way for families to live together without sacrificing comfort or style.