What Is a Landscape Design Class?

A landscape design class is a course offered by many colleges and universities that gives students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of landscape architecture. The classes are typically designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice behind designing landscapes. Students who take this type of class typically learn about plant selection, soil science, drainage systems, grading, and other elements related to developing an aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment.

In a typical landscape design class, students will learn how to create a master plan for a site. This plan will include all aspects of the project such as overall layout, scale, and aesthetics.

Students will also be familiarized with different types of plants and materials used in landscaping. They will learn how to select the right plants for their project based on climate, soil type, irrigation needs, and other factors.

Students may also be taught various techniques for creating beautiful outdoor environments such as hardscaping (using stones or bricks to build walls or paths) and softscaping (using plants such as trees or shrubs). They may even be taught concepts such as sustainable landscaping which is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who wish to minimize their environmental impact.

The skills learned in a landscape design class can be applied in many areas including residential landscaping projects and commercial construction sites. Many graduates go on to become professional landscape architects or designers who work for landscaping companies, government agencies, or private clients.


A landscape design class is an excellent way for students to gain knowledge about designing landscapes from the ground up. From selecting plants that thrive in certain climates to learning sustainable landscaping techniques, students can gain valuable skills that they can use both professionally and personally. With these skills they can create beautiful outdoor spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.