What Is a Characteristic of Good Product Design?

Good product design is a combination of art, science, and engineering. It is the result of careful analysis, research, and experimentation to create a product that meets user needs, looks attractive, and works as intended. A good product design should be intuitive, efficient, durable, and attractive.

Intuitive: A good product design should be intuitive and easy to use. The user should be able to understand how to use the product without having to read instructions or consult with a customer service representative. The user interface should be simple and straightforward so that even first-time users can quickly learn how to use it without needing help from an expert.

Efficient: Efficiency is key in creating a successful product design. The design should allow users to quickly and easily complete tasks without requiring too much effort or time spent on each individual task. The product should also have features that enable users to optimize their workflow by automating mundane tasks or allowing them to customize certain aspects of the product according to their preferences.

Durable: Good products should be durable enough to withstand regular usage over long periods of time without needing repairs or replacements. Products should also be designed with materials and components that are resistant to damage from wear and tear or environmental factors such as water, heat, cold, etc.

Attractive: Attractiveness is an important factor in making sure your product stands out from the competition. An attractive design can help draw attention from potential customers who may otherwise overlook your product if it looks dull or unappealing compared to its competitors. Good products should have an aesthetically pleasing design that appeals to Target customers while still looking professional and modern.


Good product design combines art, science, engineering, intuition, efficiency, durability and attractiveness in order create a successful product that meets user needs while still standing out from the competition aesthetically. When designing a new product it is important for designers to consider all these characteristics in order for their creation to be successful in the market place