What Ingredients Are in Versace Eros?

Versace Eros is a popular fragrance for men that was launched in 2012. It has become a staple scent for many men due to its unique blend of ingredients that create a powerful and seductive aroma.

Top Notes

The top notes of Versace Eros include refreshing and citrusy scents that create an invigorating first impression. These notes include:

  • Mint: The mint note in Versace Eros gives the fragrance a cool and fresh aroma.
  • Green Apple: The green apple note provides a sweet and fruity scent to the fragrance.
  • Lemon: The lemon note adds a zesty and tangy freshness to Versace Eros.

Heart Notes

The heart of the fragrance is where the true essence of Versace Eros lies. These notes are what give the fragrance its distinct character and appeal. The heart notes include:

  • Tonka Bean: The tonka bean note in Versace Eros gives the fragrance a warm, creamy, and slightly sweet aroma.
  • Ambroxan: Ambroxan is a synthetic compound that has become popular in modern fragrances due to its woody, musky, and slightly salty scent.
  • Geranium: The geranium note provides a floral aspect to Versace Eros, which complements the other ingredients perfectly.

Base Notes

The base notes of Versace Eros provide depth, longevity, and an overall sense of balance to the fragrance. They include:

  • Cedarwood: The cedarwood note in Versace Eros gives the fragrance a woody and slightly balsamic aroma.
  • Vetiver: The vetiver note adds an earthy, smoky, and slightly bitter scent to Versace Eros.
  • Oakmoss: Oakmoss is a type of lichen that grows on oak trees and has a deep, musky, and slightly sweet aroma that is often used in fragrances as a fixative to make the scent last longer.


In conclusion, Versace Eros is a complex fragrance that combines refreshing top notes, seductive heart notes, and deep base notes to create an alluring and captivating scent. Its unique blend of ingredients makes it stand out from other fragrances on the market and has made it a beloved scent for many men around the world.