What Happened to Versace on 60 Days In?

If you’re a fan of reality TV, you might have heard of the show “60 Days In.” The show follows seven individuals as they go undercover in a jail for 60 days to gather intelligence and report back on the inner workings of the facility.

One of the most memorable participants from the show’s third season was Abner, who adopted the persona of Versace during his time in jail. However, what happened to Versace on “60 Days In?” Let’s dive into his story.

The Story of Versace

Versace was one of seven participants in season three of “60 Days In.” He was a former gang member who wanted to use his experience to help improve conditions within the jail. During his time in jail, he adopted the persona of Versace – a flamboyant and confident character who quickly gained popularity among other inmates.

Challenges and Controversies

Versace faced numerous challenges during his time in jail. He was initially placed in a pod with several members of a rival gang, which put him at risk for violence. Additionally, he struggled with mental health issues and had difficulty adapting to life behind bars.

However, Versace was also at the center of some controversy during his time on the show. Some viewers criticized him for perpetuating harmful stereotypes about gay men by portraying himself as a flamboyant and effeminate character. Others argued that he was simply using this persona as a survival tactic in an environment where being LGBTQ+ can be dangerous.


In the end, Abner (aka Versace) successfully completed his 60-day stint in jail. He reported back to the show’s producers about issues such as gang activity and drug use within the facility. While some viewers may have been disappointed by his portrayal on the show, Abner’s experience sheds light on the challenges faced by inmates and the need for reform within our criminal justice system.


So what happened to Versace on “60 Days In?” He faced numerous challenges and controversies during his time in jail, but ultimately completed his mission. Whether you agree with his portrayal or not, Versace’s story highlights the importance of programs like “60 Days In” in shedding light on issues within our criminal justice system.