What Happened Gianni Versace Husband?

Gianni Versace was a legendary fashion designer who founded the Italian fashion brand, Versace. However, his life came to a tragic end when he was murdered in front of his Miami Beach home. While the world knows about the death of Gianni Versace, not many people know about his husband, Antonio D’Amico.

Antonio D’Amico was Gianni Versace’s long-time partner and confidant. The two met in 1982 and were inseparable ever since.

D’Amico worked as a model and designer for Versace’s fashion label. He also played an instrumental role in the growth of the company.

After Gianni’s death, Antonio was devastated. He was with Gianni on that fateful day when he was shot dead by Andrew Cunanan.

In an interview with The Guardian, Antonio said that he heard the gunshot and ran out of the house to see what had happened. When he saw Gianni lying on the steps, he thought it was a joke at first.

Antonio revealed that he had nightmares for years after Gianni’s death. He found it difficult to come to terms with what had happened and had to seek therapy to deal with his grief.

Despite being together for over a decade, Antonio was not mentioned in Gianni’s will. This caused some tension between Antonio and the Versace family. However, they eventually resolved their differences and Antonio remained close to them.

After Gianni’s death, Antonio continued to work in the fashion industry but eventually moved away from designing clothes. He now works as an artistic director for theatre productions.

In conclusion, while Gianni Versace’s death is well-known around the world, it is important to remember his husband and partner of over a decade – Antonio D’Amico. The two shared a deep love for each other and worked together closely in building one of the most iconic fashion brands in history. Antonio’s grief and struggles after Gianni’s death are a reminder of the human cost of such a tragedy.