What Font Is the Starbucks Logo on Cricut?

The Starbucks logo has become one of the most widely recognized logos in the world. It’s a simple, iconic design that is instantly recognizable and is a symbol of luxury and quality.

So it’s no surprise that many people want to use the Starbucks logo on their Cricut projects. But what font is the Starbucks logo on Cricut?

The answer to this question depends on what type of Cricut project you are working on. If you are creating a sign or other graphics for a store window or wall, then you should use the exact font that Starbucks uses for their logo – Univers 67 Bold Condensed. This is a commercial font, so you will need to purchase it from a font vendor like MyFonts or Fonts.com in order to use it with your Cricut project.

If you are working on a smaller project, such as a card or sticker, then you likely won’t need to use the exact font that Starbucks uses for their logo. Instead, you can use any font that closely resembles it.

Some popular fonts that have similar characteristics to Univers 67 Bold Condensed include Montserrat Bold, Gotham Bold and Proxima Nova Bold. These fonts are all available for free download from various sites such as Google Fonts and FontSquirrel.

Whichever font you choose to use for your Cricut project, make sure to test it out first by printing out some test pages with your chosen font before committing to using it for your final project. This will help ensure that your design looks exactly how you want it before investing time and money into producing the finished product.

In summary, if you are creating large signs or graphics for store windows or walls with your Cricut machine then you should use the exact font used by Starbucks – Univers 67 Bold Condensed – which is available from many commercial font vendors online such as MyFonts or Fonts.com. Alternatively, if you’re working on smaller projects like cards and stickers then any similar looking free fonts such as Montserrat Bold, Gotham Bold or Proxima Nova Bold will likely suffice for achieving the same look and feel as the official Starbucks logo.


So in conclusion, when creating larger projects with your Cricut machine like signs or graphics for store windows or walls then it’s best to use Univers 67 Bold Condensed – which is the exact same font used by Starbucks – whereas when creating smaller projects such as cards and stickers there are plenty of similar looking free fonts available online which can be used instead.