What Does Women’s Versace Perfume Smell Like?

Women’s Versace Perfume is known for its luxurious and glamorous scent. It has been a popular choice among women since its introduction in the market.

But what exactly does it smell like? In this article, we will delve into the notes of Women’s Versace Perfume and give you an idea of why it’s such a sought-after fragrance.

Fragrance Notes

The top notes of Women’s Versace Perfume are fruity and floral with hints of blackcurrant, Wisteria, and Guava. The scent then transforms into heart notes that feature a blend of floral scents such as Lotus Flower, Jasmine, and Orchid. Finally, the base notes include Musk, Cedarwood, and Cashmere Wood to give it a warm and woody finish.


The blackcurrant note in Women’s Versace Perfume gives it a sweet and fruity aroma that is reminiscent of summer days. It adds a touch of playfulness to the fragrance while also making it refreshing.


Jasmine is a popular scent in many perfumes due to its sweet and romantic aroma. In Women’s Versace Perfume, Jasmine is one of the main floral scents in the heart notes. It gives the fragrance a feminine touch while also adding depth to the overall scent.


Musk is often used as a base note in perfumes as it has a warm and sensual aroma that lingers on the skin. In Women’s Versace Perfume, Musk adds depth to the woody finish while also giving it an alluring touch.

  • Top Notes: Blackcurrant, Wisteria, Guava
  • Heart Notes: Lotus Flower, Jasmine, Orchid
  • Base Notes: Musk, Cedarwood, Cashmere Wood

Who Is It For?

Women’s Versace Perfume is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their fragrance. It’s a luxurious scent that exudes confidence and glamour. The fruity and floral notes make it perfect for daytime wear, while the woody finish makes it suitable for evening wear.


In conclusion, Women’s Versace Perfume is a luxurious and glamorous fragrance that features fruity and floral notes with a warm woody finish. It’s perfect for those who want to make a statement with their scent and exude confidence and glamour. With its playful yet romantic aroma, Women’s Versace Perfume is sure to become a staple in any perfume collection.