What Does Weld and Flatten Mean on Cricut?

Weld and Flatten are two important features found on Cricut machines. These features allow you to quickly and easily create amazing projects with the use of a few simple buttons.

With the help of these two features, you can mix and match different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to create projects that are truly unique.


Welding is a process that joins two separate images together as one. This feature is especially useful when you are creating detailed shapes or intricate designs.

It allows you to combine multiple images into one cohesive design without having to manually line up each item. You can also use it to combine text or different shapes into one larger project.


Flattening is a feature used to turn a multilayer project into one single layer. It takes all the pieces of your project and fuses them together into one flat sheet of material that can be cut with ease. This is useful for projects such as cards or scrapbook pages where each individual piece needs to be cut from the same sheet of paper or vinyl.


Cricut’s Weld and Flatten features make it easy for crafters and hobbyists to create beautiful projects with ease. Whether you’re combining multiple items into one cohesive design or turning a multilayer project into one single layer, these two features provide quick and easy solutions for creating amazing projects.

What Does Weld and Flatten Mean on Cricut? In short, Weld allows users to join together two separate images as one while Flatten turns a multi-layer project into one single layer – making it easier for users to work with materials like paper or vinyl when cutting intricate designs or shapes.