What Does Prada L Homme Intense Smell Like?

If you’re a fan of luxury fragrances, then you’ve probably heard of the Prada L’Homme Intense. This scent is a more intense version of the original Prada L’Homme, released in 2016. But what exactly does it smell like?

Prada L’Homme Intense: The Fragrance

Prada L’Homme Intense is a woody and oriental fragrance for men. It was launched in 2017 by perfumer Daniela Andrier and has since become a popular choice amongst fragrance enthusiasts.

The Notes

Like all fragrances, Prada L’Homme Intense consists of different notes that come together to create a unique scent. Here are the notes that make up this fragrance:

  • Top Notes: Neroli, Black Pepper
  • Heart Notes: Iris, Amber
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli

As you can see, the fragrance has a rich combination of citrusy and spicy top notes, floral heart notes and woody base notes.

The Smell

When you first spray Prada L’Homme Intense, you’ll notice the strong neroli and black pepper scents. As the fragrance settles down on your skin, you’ll start to detect the floral iris note with hints of amber.

The base notes of cedarwood and patchouli give the fragrance its signature woody scent. Overall, Prada L’Homme Intense is an elegant and sophisticated fragrance that’s perfect for evening wear or special occasions.

The Bottle Design

Just like its scent, the bottle design for Prada L’Homme Intense exudes luxury and sophistication. The bottle is made from heavy glass with a sleek black cap. The Prada logo is embossed on the front of the bottle in a metallic finish, giving it a premium feel.


In conclusion, Prada L’Homme Intense is an excellent fragrance for men who appreciate luxurious and sophisticated scents. Its unique blend of neroli, black pepper, iris, amber, cedarwood, and patchouli creates a scent that’s perfect for special occasions or evening wear. So if you’re looking for a new fragrance to add to your collection, give Prada L’Homme Intense a try!