What Does Gucci Bloom Acqua Smell Like?

Gucci Bloom Acqua is a fragrance that has been making waves in the world of perfumes since its launch in 2018. The scent has been described as fresh, floral, and aquatic. It’s the perfect fragrance for summertime or for those who love to wear light fragrances.

Top Notes

The top notes of Gucci Bloom Acqua are predominantly citrus and green accords. The opening notes are a combination of lemon and bergamot that give the perfume its zesty freshness. The green notes come from galbanum, which is a resinous plant extract that adds a touch of herbaceousness to the scent.

Heart Notes

The heart notes of Gucci Bloom Acqua are dominated by floral accords. The fragrance features three types of flowers: jasmine, tuberose, and honeysuckle. These flowers combine to create a sweet and slightly powdery aroma that is reminiscent of a sunny day in a blooming garden.

Base Notes

The base notes of Gucci Bloom Acqua provide depth and longevity to the perfume. These notes include musk, sandalwood, and vanilla.

Musk gives the fragrance an animalic quality that balances out the sweetness of the floral accords. Sandalwood adds warmth and creaminess to the scent while vanilla contributes a subtle gourmand twist.

The Overall Experience

Gucci Bloom Acqua is an olfactory journey that takes you through different emotions as it evolves on your skin over time. Its opening is zingy and refreshing, like taking a sip of cold lemonade on a hot summer day.

As it settles on your skin, you’ll notice the sweet floral bouquet that’s both uplifting and comforting at the same time. And finally, as it dries down, you’ll experience the warmth and sensuality of sandalwood and musk that will stay with you throughout the day.


If you’re looking for a fresh and floral fragrance that’s perfect for everyday wear, Gucci Bloom Acqua is definitely worth trying. With its combination of citrus, floral, and woody notes, it’s a scent that’s both versatile and unique. So go ahead, indulge in this beautiful fragrance and let it transport you to a world of blooming gardens and sunny skies.