What Does Chanel Number Five Smell Like?

Chanel Number Five is one of the most iconic fragrances in the world. It has been around for over a century and continues to be a favorite among women of all ages.

But what exactly does Chanel Number Five smell like? In this article, we will explore the ingredients that make up this famous scent and give you a better understanding of its unique aroma.

History of Chanel Number Five

Chanel Number Five was first created in 1921 by French perfumer Ernest Beaux for fashion icon Coco Chanel. It was the first fragrance to be marketed with a designer’s name and quickly became a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Over the years, the formula has been tweaked slightly but the scent remains largely unchanged.


Chanel Number Five is made up of over 80 different ingredients, including both natural and synthetic materials. Some of the key notes include:

  • Aldehydes: These are synthetic compounds that give the fragrance its signature “sparkling” effect.
  • Jasmine: This floral note adds a sweet, exotic touch to the scent.
  • Rose: Another floral note, rose adds a romantic element to Chanel Number Five.
  • Orris root: This ingredient comes from the iris plant and gives the fragrance its powdery, earthy undertones.
  • Vetiver: This woody note adds depth and complexity to the scent.

Scent Profile

So what does all of this add up to? Chanel Number Five is often described as being both floral and powdery, with hints of citrus and musk.

The aldehydes give it a bright, effervescent quality that sets it apart from other floral fragrances. The jasmine and rose notes add a romantic, feminine touch while the orris root and vetiver balance out the sweetness with a more grounded, earthy aroma.


Chanel Number Five is a true classic in the world of fragrance. Its unique blend of ingredients creates a scent that is both timeless and modern, elegant and understated. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just want to feel luxurious on an ordinary day, Chanel Number Five is the perfect choice.