What Does a VP of Product Design Do?

The Vice President of Product Design, commonly referred to as the VP of Product Design, is a key member of an organization’s leadership team. They are responsible for leading product design efforts, developing strategies, and overseeing the creation and management of all design-related activities. The VP of Product Design works closely with engineers, designers, marketers, and other stakeholders to ensure products are developed that meet the needs of customers and offer maximum value.

The VP of Product Design must have a deep understanding of their company’s mission and vision, as well as customer needs. They must be able to identify potential problems and develop creative solutions.

The VP is also responsible for setting product design standards and ensuring they are consistently followed across the organization. The VP should also work with stakeholders to ensure that new designs meet customer needs while enhancing overall brand identity.

In addition to managing day-to-day product design operations, the VP of Product Design oversees research efforts to identify customer preferences and trends in the industry. They must track competitor activities and use this information to inform their own product development strategies. The VP should also work with marketing teams to determine which features customers will find most attractive in a product or service offering.

The VP of Product Design must be an organized individual who can manage multiple projects simultaneously. They must have excellent communication skills in order to effectively collaborate with stakeholders from various departments within their organization. It is also critical for them to have strong problem-solving skills in order to quickly identify issues or roadblocks in the design process and develop effective solutions.


The Vice President of Product Design plays a vital role in any organization’s success by leading product design efforts, developing strategies, overseeing research activities, setting standards, and managing multiple projects simultaneously while collaborating with stakeholders from different departments within their organization.