What Does a Product Design Intern Do?

Product design interns are essential members of any product design team. Their role is to assist the product designer in creating and developing high-quality products. Interns are expected to possess a strong understanding of product design principles and processes, as well as technical skills to bring ideas to life.

Product design interns spend their time working with the product designer and other team members on a variety of tasks.

These tasks include researching technology trends, analyzing customer feedback, developing prototypes, designing user interfaces, and testing products. Interns are also expected to share their findings and ideas with the team in order to help refine the product.

Product design interns must be able to think critically and creatively when it comes to problem solving. They need to be able to identify challenges that arise during the development process and come up with innovative solutions in order to meet deadlines. They must also have excellent communication skills in order to effectively collaborate with their colleagues.

Product design interns should also be familiar with software such as Adobe Photoshop and Sketch, as these tools are essential for creating high-quality visuals for presentations or prototypes. Additionally, they should have a basic understanding of coding languages such as HTML and CSS in order to assist with user interface designs.

In conclusion, a product design intern plays an integral role in helping bring innovative ideas from concept through production. They must possess both technical knowledge of product design principles and processes as well as creative problem-solving skills in order to make meaningful contributions.