What Does a Landscape Design Look Like?

A landscape design is a concept plan for a yard or outdoor space. It’s designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and it takes into account a variety of factors in the development process.

The design may include various features like pathways, patios, water features, walls, planters, and other decorative elements. Ultimately, the design should provide an outdoor living space that meets the needs of the homeowner while creating an attractive outdoor environment.

When planning a landscape design, it’s important to consider the function that each element will serve. For instance, pathways can provide access to different areas of the yard or create visual interest by leading visitors’ eyes through the space.

Patios can offer places to relax or entertain guests. Water features can be used to add a calming sound or simply make the environment look more inviting. Walls and planters can be used to define different spaces or create privacy from neighbors.

In addition to these basic elements, many homeowners will also choose plants for their landscape design. This could include trees for shade, flowering plants for beauty and color, evergreen shrubs for privacy screening, and ground cover plants for erosion control. When selecting plants for their landscape design it’s important to consider factors such as sunlight exposure, soil type, hardiness zone and water requirements so that they will thrive in their environment.

A well-designed landscape should contain both hardscape elements like patios and walls as well as softscape elements like plants that are carefully selected based on their individual needs. The overall look of the space should be carefully considered too – homeowners may want something formal with clean lines or something more relaxed with curves and winding paths; whatever style they choose should match their personal preferences.


A landscape design is an important part of creating an enjoyable outdoor living area that meets the needs of a homeowner while still looking great. It includes both hardscape elements such as pathways and patios as well as softscape elements such as trees, shrubs and other plants that have been chosen specifically for their location and climate conditions.