What Do You Need to Make Silhouette Art?

Silhouette art is a beautiful and unique form of art that can be created with just a few simple materials. It involves creating an image or Silhouette from a darker color against a lighter background, typically in the shape of a person or animal. To create the perfect Silhouette art, you will need the following items:

Black Cardstock Paper

The most important item to create Silhouette art is black cardstock paper. This type of paper is dark enough to create a strong contrast between the Silhouette and its background, but still light enough to easily cut out. Make sure that you get cardstock paper that is thick enough to hold its shape once it has been cut.


You will also need scissors to cut out your Silhouettes. A pair of sharp scissors is best for this task as they can help you achieve more precise and intricate cuts. You may also want to get some craft scissors with different cutting patterns if you want to add some extra detail to your artwork.

Light-Colored Background Material

The next item that you will need is a light-colored background material such as white poster board or fabric. This will help create the desired contrast between your Silhouette and the background, allowing it to really stand out.

Pencil and Eraser

Finally, you will need a pencil and an eraser for sketching out your designs before cutting them out. This will help ensure that your Silhouettes are accurate and look exactly how you envisioned them.


Creating beautiful Silhouette art requires just a few simple materials including black cardstock paper, scissors, light-colored background material, pencils, and erasers. With these items in hand, anyone can create stunning works of art!