What Do You Need to Get Started With a Cricut?

The Cricut is a digital crafting machine that allows you to quickly and easily create personalized projects. It’s a great tool for making signs, cards, and decorations, as well as customizing apparel and accessories. Whether you’re just getting started with a Cricut or are looking to upgrade your existing machine, there are a few items you’ll need to get started.

Cricut Machine

The first item you’ll need for your Cricut is the machine itself. There are several models available, so it’s important to do your research and find the one that best fits your needs.

Some machines come with more advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity and larger cutting mats, which can be helpful for larger projects. Be sure to read up on each model before making your purchase.

Design Software

Once you have the machine itself, you’ll need some design software in order to create projects. The Cricut Design Space app is free and easy-to-use software that allows you to create custom designs with ease. You can also purchase additional software programs if needed.

Cutting Mats

Cricut machines require cutting mats in order to work properly. The size of the mat needed will depend on the project you’re creating and the size of the material being cut. If purchasing additional mats, keep in mind that they must be compatible with your machine.


In addition to the above items, you’ll also need materials such as paper, vinyl or fabric for making projects with your Cricut machine. Be sure to select materials that are compatible with the type of project you’re creating and your particular machine.


Finally, there are several accessories that can help make projects easier and more efficient when using a Cricut machine. These include tools like weeding tools for removing small pieces from vinyl or heat transfer vinyls (HTV), spatulas for lifting finished projects off of cutting mats, scissors for trimming excess material, transfer papers for transferring designs onto other surfaces, and more.

Conclusion: The Cricut is a versatile crafting tool that can help create beautiful personalized projects with ease. In order to get started with a Cricut machine, you’ll need to purchase the machine itself along with design software like Design Space app, cutting mats of various sizes based on project needs, materials such as paper or fabric depending on what type of project being created as well as various accessories such as weeding tools or transfer papers.