What Do You Need to Get Started With a Cricut Joy?

The Cricut Joy is a compact cutting machine that makes it easy to create custom designs and decorations with the push of a button. Whether you’re looking to make a one-of-a-kind gift or unique home decor, the Cricut Joy has you covered.

But what do you need to get started? Here’s a breakdown of what you need to get started with your Cricut Joy:

Cricut Joy Machine

The first step is obviously the Cricut Joy machine itself! The machine comes in several colors and models, so make sure you get the one that best suits your needs. It allows for quick and easy cutting for all kinds of projects.

Cricut Design Space Software

The Cricut Design Space software is a free online program that allows you to create custom designs for your projects. With this program, you can easily customize shapes, fonts, and images to make unique pieces.


The materials you need depends on what kind of project you are making. For example, if you’re making cards or decorations, then you might want to buy some cardstock or vinyl sheets. On the other hand, if you’re making fabric projects like T-shirts or bags then fabric will be necessary.


In addition to the basic materials mentioned above, there are also some accessories that can come in handy for your projects. These include cutting mats, weeding tools (to remove excess material from your design), transfer tape (to easily move your design from one object to another), and more.


To get started with your Cricut Joy project all you need is a Cricut Joy machine, access to the free Design Space software online, materials suited for your project and some accessories like cutting mats and weeding tools. With these items in hand, creating custom designs and decorations has never been easier!