What Do You Need for Beginner Cricut?

If you’re a crafter and you haven’t heard of Cricut yet, you are seriously missing out. Cricut is an amazing machine that cuts out the most intricate and intricate designs with the greatest of ease.

It’s like having a personal assistant helping you create beautiful and unique pieces of artwork. But if you’re just getting started with your Cricut journey, there are some things that you need to know before diving right in.

The first thing that any beginner needs is a Cricut machine. Fortunately, these machines come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so no matter what your budget is, there’s likely to be one that fits your needs perfectly.

You’ll also need special materials such as vinyl or cardstock, depending on what type of projects you plan on doing. You’ll also need to purchase a cutting mat to place your materials on while cutting.

Once you have the basics set up, it’s time to get creative! You’ll have to purchase some design software in order to create custom designs for your projects.

There are a variety of programs available for both Mac and PC users, so make sure to do some research before making your decision. There are also plenty of pre-made designs available online as well.

Finally, if you want to get serious about using your Cricut machine, it might be worthwhile investing in additional accessories such as scoring tools or specialty blades. These can help make projects even more intricate and detailed than ever before.


For those who are just starting out with Cricut crafting, all they need is a Cricut machine along with materials such as vinyl or cardstock, a cutting mat and design software. Advanced users may want to invest in additional accessories such as scoring tools or specialty blades for even more detailed results.