What Do the Numbers on the Silhouette Blade Mean?

The numbers on a Silhouette blade can be confusing for those who are unfamiliar with the world of vinyl cutting. They appear on the blade itself, but unless you know what they mean, you may be left scratching your head and wondering why they’re there.

In order to understand what the numbers on a Silhouette blade mean, it’s important to understand how blades are made and why these numbers are necessary. A Silhouette blade is actually made up of two parts: the tip and the shank. The tip is the part that makes contact with your material as it’s being cut, while the shank is what connects the blade to your machine.

Each of these parts has its own set of numbers that correspond to specific cutting settings. On the tip, you’ll usually find a number between 1 and 10 which indicates its diameter.

The higher the number, the thicker the blade; a 1 is incredibly thin while a 10 is much thicker. This allows you to choose a blade that’s best suited for your project’s needs; for example, if you’re cutting something delicate like paper or fabric, then you may want to use a thinner blade than if you were cutting something more sturdy like wood or metal.

On the shank side of things, there will usually be two or three numbers that indicate where it should be placed in relation to other blades when loaded onto your machine. This helps ensure that all of your cuts will be uniform and accurate. For example, if one number reads “7-14-17″ then this means that this particular blade should be loaded in between blades 7 and 14 on one side and between 16 and 17 on another side (if applicable).

Finally, there can also be additional letters or symbols written on some blades which indicate different things such as whether or not it can be used with certain machines or materials as well as other relevant information.

So in summary, understanding what each of these numbers mean can help you get better results when using your Silhouette machine by ensuring that your blades are properly loaded and adjusted for whatever material you are working with.

The numbers written on Silhouette blades may seem confusing at first glance but with a better understanding of their meaning they can actually be quite helpful when using your Silhouette machine. The diameter number lets you know how thick each individual blade is while other numbers help indicate where they should be positioned relative to other blades when being loaded into your machine – both of which help ensure accuracy when working with different materials.