What Device Works Best With Cricut?

The Cricut is a cutting machine that has revolutionized the craft and DIY industry. It is capable of cutting a variety of materials, from paper to vinyl to fabric, with precision and accuracy. It can be used for projects ranging from scrapbooking to home decor to fashion design. The Cricut comes in several different models, each designed for different applications and needs.

Cricut Explore Air 2 is the latest model of Cricut machines and offers the most features. It has a dual-blade system that allows it to cut through any material up to two times faster than traditional cutting machines.

This model also has Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to upload designs from your computer or mobile device directly into the machine for easy cutting. In addition, the Explore Air 2 features an optimized cutting pressure setting for delicate materials like vellum or crepe paper.

Cricut Maker is designed specifically for more advanced projects such as sewing, quilting, and 3D models. It has a powerful rotary blade that can cut through thick materials like leather and balsa wood with ease. The Maker also includes a scoring wheel attachment that makes perfect folds every time. Additionally, this model has an adjustable depth setting so you can adjust the blade depth for different materials.

Cricut Joy is ideal for small projects or on-the-go crafting. It is the smallest model in the Cricut family and does not require a computer or other device to use it since it features its own embedded software system. This model can only cut thin materials like paper, vinyl, and iron-on transfers but can also write with pens or draw with markers on compatible materials.


When choosing a Cricut machine, it really depends on what type of projects you are interested in creating. If you are looking for something basic such as scrapbooking or home decor projects then the Cricut Explore Air 2 would be your best option as it offers great speed and accuracy while still being affordable.

For more complex projects such as quilting or sewing then the Cricut Maker would be your best bet due to its powerful rotary blade and adjustable settings. Finally, if you need something portable then consider investing in the Cricut Joy which offers great portability without sacrificing performance on smaller projects like paper crafts or iron-on transfers.