What Degree Is Best for Graphic Design?

Graphic design is an incredibly popular field, with a wide range of career paths available for those skilled in the craft. With so many options, it can be hard for prospective designers to determine what degree is best for getting started. The truth is that there are several degrees that can be beneficial for graphic design, and the best choice will depend on the individual’s individual interests and goals.

For those interested in pursuing graphic design as a creative outlet, an associate degree may provide sufficient training.

Associate degree programs focus on providing students with a strong foundation in graphic design fundamentals and techniques. This type of program typically includes a mix of digital art classes and more traditional studio art classes. These classes can give students a good understanding of color theory, composition, typography, and other important elements of visual communication. Additionally, some associate degrees also offer courses in web design or multimedia production which can provide helpful skills for aspiring designers.

Those more interested in finding employment as a professional graphic designer may benefit from pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the field. This type of program typically provides more advanced instruction than an associate degree does.

In addition to covering principles from studio art classes, bachelor’s programs often have specialized courses focused on topics like interface design or motion graphics. Students may also have the opportunity to take part in internships or apprenticeships which can provide valuable industry experience.

Finally, individuals who desire to become experts or find work as educators may want to consider earning their master’s degree in graphic design. This level of education typically involves exploring complex concepts related to visual communication and building upon existing skillsets. Master’s programs often require students to complete research projects or a thesis before graduating.


What degree is best for graphic design depends largely on the individual’s goals and interests. An associate degree program can provide sufficient training for those looking for creative outlets while bachelor’s degrees are better suited towards professional employment opportunities. Those looking to become experts or educators should consider earning their master’s degree in graphic design.