What Culture Is Versace?

Versace is a fashion brand that has become synonymous with luxury and extravagance. Founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace, the Italian fashion house has been defining the cultural zeitgeist for over four decades. But what exactly is the culture surrounding this iconic brand?

History of Versace

Gianni Versace founded the fashion house in Milan, Italy in 1978, with his brother Santo Versace and his sister Donatella Versace. The brand quickly gained a reputation for its bold designs and use of bright colors and prints. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Versace became one of the most prominent fashion houses in the world.

The Versace Aesthetic

The Versace aesthetic is characterized by bold designs, bright colors, and luxurious materials. The brand’s signature Medusa logo is instantly recognizable, appearing on everything from clothing to accessories to furniture. The brand’s designs are often inspired by Greek mythology, with references to ancient gods and goddesses appearing throughout their collections.

Versace Culture

The culture surrounding Versace is one of luxury and excess. The brand has always been associated with high-end fashion and opulence, catering to a clientele that values extravagance above all else. Celebrities have long been fans of the brand, with everyone from Madonna to Lady Gaga to Jennifer Lopez sporting their designs on red carpets around the world.

Runway Shows

One of the hallmarks of Versace’s culture is their extravagant runway shows. The brand’s shows are often held in iconic locations such as Milan’s Piazza Duomo or Paris’ Ritz Hotel, with models strutting down the catwalk in elaborate designs that push the boundaries of high fashion.

Versace Home

In addition to their clothing lines, Versace also has a home collection that includes everything from furniture to bedding to dinnerware. The brand’s home designs are just as bold and opulent as their fashion designs, featuring signature prints and luxurious materials.

Versace Legacy

Gianni Versace was tragically murdered in 1997, but his legacy lives on through the brand he founded. Donatella Versace took over as creative director after her brother’s death and has continued to push the boundaries of fashion with her bold designs. The brand remains one of the most iconic and influential in the world of high fashion.


In conclusion, Versace is a brand that embodies luxury and excess in every aspect of its culture. From their bold fashion designs to their extravagant runway shows to their opulent home collection, everything about Versace is designed to make a statement. The brand’s legacy continues to inspire and influence the world of fashion today, making it one of the most important cultural institutions of our time.