What Cricut Material Do You Use for Tumblers?

Tumblers are a great way to add a bit of personalization to your daily routine. Whether you’re sipping on your coffee in the morning or night, tumblers can be customized with unique designs, logos, and even images. But what Cricut material do you use for tumblers?

The most popular Cricut material used for tumblers is vinyl. Vinyl is an adhesive-backed material that can be used to easily create custom designs on any surface.

It is easy to apply and comes in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can get creative with your tumbler design. Vinyl also holds up well when exposed to heat or cold, making it the perfect choice for tumblers.

Another great option for creating custom tumblers is permanent outdoor vinyl. This type of vinyl is designed specifically for outdoor use and has a stronger adhesive than regular vinyl. It can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, making it ideal for those who want their designs to last.

Other popular materials for creating tumbler designs include HTV (heat transfer vinyl), cardstock paper, and iron-on fabric transfers. HTV is a special type of vinyl that can be applied with a heat press or an iron.

It has an adhesive backing that allows it to stick to the surface of the tumbler after it has been heated up. Cardstock paper works best when used with inkjet printers and can easily be transferred onto any surface by using an X-Acto knife or scissors.

Iron-on fabric transfers are great if you want to create more intricate designs on your tumbler. These are made from special fabrics that have been treated with heat-resistant chemicals so they won’t fade or peel off over time.

They also have an adhesive backing that makes them easy to apply.


No matter what type of design you have in mind for your tumbler, there’s a Cricut material perfect for the job! Vinyl is the most popular choice due to its durability and ease of use, but permanent outdoor vinyl and HTV are also great options depending on what kind of design you’re going for. Alternatively, cardstock paper or iron-on fabric transfers can be used if you’re looking for something more intricate.