What Cricut Accessories Do I Need to Get Started?

If you have recently acquired a Cricut machine and you are wondering what Cricut accessories you need to get started, there are several items that you should consider. The most important item is the Cricut cutting blade. This blade is used to cut out shapes, text, and more from a variety of materials. You may want to start with the standard blade that comes with your machine, or purchase an optional deep-cut blade for thicker materials. Cricut also offers replacement blades for when your original blade becomes dull.

You will also need to purchase some replacement mats for your machine. These mats help keep your paper or material in place while the cutting blade does its work.

You can choose from light grip mats, standard grip mats, and strong grip mats depending on the type of material you’re using.

In order to create more intricate designs and shapes with your Cricut machine, it is helpful to have a variety of tools on hand. A scoring stylus is used for creating folded cards and envelopes, while a weeding tool is used for removing small pieces of material from intricate designs. The Cricut spatula helps lift delicate pieces off the mat without tearing them.

Finally, it’s helpful to have some other handy accessories on hand such as transfer tape and vinyl adhesive sheets. Transfer tape helps move vinyl designs from their backing paper onto another surface without losing any of the details of the design. Vinyl adhesive sheets are great for creating stickers and labels for labeling items in home or office.


To get started with your Cricut machine, you will need a cutting blade, replacement mats, various tools such as a scoring stylus and weeding tool, transfer tape, and vinyl adhesive sheets. With these accessories at hand you can create beautiful designs quickly and easily!