What Company Own Versace?

Versace is a luxury fashion brand that has been an iconic symbol of Italian fashion since its inception in 1978. The company was founded by Gianni Versace, who quickly established himself as a leading designer in the fashion world.

In 1997, tragedy struck when Gianni Versace was tragically murdered outside his Miami Beach mansion. After his death, the company was taken over by his sister Donatella Versace who became the creative director and vice president of the brand.

Today, Versace is owned by Capri Holdings Limited. Capri Holdings Limited is a global fashion luxury group that also owns Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo. The acquisition of Versace by Capri Holdings Limited for $2.1 billion in 2018 marked a significant milestone for the company.

Capri Holdings Limited has made it clear that they intend to continue the legacy of the iconic Italian brand while expanding its reach and influence globally. With Donatella Versace still at the helm as creative director, fans can expect to see more stunning collections from one of Italy’s most renowned fashion houses.

The acquisition by Capri Holdings Limited has also opened up new opportunities for collaboration with other brands within their portfolio. In 2019, Michael Kors announced their collaboration with Versace that saw them release a limited-edition collection featuring both brands’ signature styles.

In conclusion, while Gianni Versace may no longer be with us, his legacy lives on through his sister Donatella and the team at Capri Holdings Limited who are committed to preserving and growing this iconic Italian brand.