What Colors Does the Cricut Air 2 Come In?

The Cricut Air 2 is the latest generation of the popular Cricut line of craft cutting machines. It’s a powerful tool that allows users to create professional-looking crafts with ease.

One of the most impressive features of this machine is its color options. With its seven different colors, users can make projects that look truly unique and professional.

The seven colors of the Cricut Air 2 are black, white, pink, blue, purple, green and silver. Each color has its own distinct look and can be used to create projects with a variety of tones and textures. The black color is perfect for classic designs that are timeless and elegant. The white option is great for minimalist projects or ones that feature a lot of detail.

The pink color brings a softness to designs while still being bold enough to stand out. Blue is perfect for projects with a cool vibe while purple can be used to add a splash of vibrancy to your creations. Green brings an organic feel while silver adds an air of sophistication.


The Cricut Air 2 offers users seven different colors for their crafting needs: black, white, pink, blue, purple, green and silver. Each color offers its own unique look that can be used to create truly stunning designs. With so many colors available on the Cricut Air 2, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect shade for your next project.