What Classes Should I Take for Product Design?

Product design requires a combination of creative and technical skills to create products that solve problems for customers. As such, it’s important to have a well-rounded education in order to become a successful product designer. To this end, prospective product designers should consider taking classes in the following areas:

Computer Science: A basic understanding of computer science is essential for anyone looking to pursue a career in product design. Classes dealing with programming languages such as Python, HTML, and CSS will provide the necessary skills to build functional software products. Additionally, courses on databases and software architecture will help aspiring product designers understand how complex systems are built and maintained.

Design Thinking: Product design is all about solving customer problems through creative solutions. Classes focused on design thinking can help students learn how to approach challenging problems in an analytical manner. These classes typically cover topics such as market research, user experience design, and customer empathy.

Business Strategy: A successful product designer needs more than just technical abilities; they must also understand the business side of things. Taking courses focused on business strategy can help students understand how to identify customer needs and develop effective strategies for bringing products to market. These classes typically cover topics such as market segmentation, competitive analysis, and pricing models.

Communication: Communication is vital for any profession, but especially so for product designers who need to effectively collaborate with team members from multiple disciplines such as engineering, marketing, and sales. Classes focused on public speaking, writing skills, and group dynamics can be incredibly useful in developing the communication skills needed to succeed in product design.


Product design requires a broad range of skills from both creative and technical backgrounds which can be obtained through taking various classes related to computer science, design thinking, business strategy, and communication. Such courses will give aspiring product designers the knowledge needed to create innovative products that solve real-world customer problems.