What Blade Do You Use to Cut Cardstock on Cricut?

Using the correct blade to cut cardstock on Cricut is essential for ensuring that your project turns out perfect. The Cricut Maker and Explore machines come with 3 different blades for cutting a variety of materials. The type of blade you will need to use depends on the type of cardstock you are cutting.

Standard Blade – The standard blade is the most common and versatile blade that comes with the Cricut Maker and Explore machines. It can be used to cut a variety of materials such as cardstock, vinyl, leather, and fabric. This blade can also be used to score paper and create perforations for folding.

Deep Cut Blade – The deep cut blade is designed for thicker materials such as chipboard, craft foam, magnet sheets, and thicker cardstock. This blade has a longer cutting length than the standard blade so it can cut through thicker materials more easily.

Rotary Blade – The rotary blade is designed specifically for cutting fabric without needing a backing material such as interfacing or stabilizer. It works best with lightweight fabrics such as cotton and silk.

Conclusion: When it comes to cutting cardstock on a Cricut machine, the most commonly used blade is the standard blade because it is versatile enough to cut through a variety of materials including cardstock. For thicker materials such as chipboard or craft foam, then you will need to use the deep cut blade while fabrics should be cut using the rotary blade.