What Are the Top 5 Graphic Design Skills?

Graphic design is not just about being creative; it also requires a combination of technical and artistic skills. A successful graphic designer needs to be proficient in a range of disciplines, such as typography, illustration, marketing, photography and print production. To become a successful graphic designer, you must master the top 5 graphic design skills.

1. Typography

Typography is the technique of arranging typefaces and fonts to create visually appealing designs.

It can be used to convey messages and create an atmosphere for a brand or product. Typography requires knowledge of different typefaces, font sizes and line spacing, as well as an understanding of the principles of composition. A good understanding of typography is essential for any aspiring graphic designer.

2. Illustration

Illustration involves creating images or designs using various mediums such as pen and ink, watercolor, acrylics or digital software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Knowledgeable Illustrators are able to create artwork that accurately conveys ideas and concepts in an attractive way. Illustration skills are essential for creating logos, icons and other visuals that help give brands their unique identity.

3. Marketing

Graphic designers need to understand marketing strategies to effectively communicate messages through visuals.

This includes understanding Target audiences and how they will interact with visuals depending on their preferences and needs. Knowledge of marketing principles helps designers create designs that are both visually appealing and effective in delivering a message.

4. Photography

Photography plays an important role in modern graphic design projects – from product shots used in advertising campaigns to stock images used on websites – so photographers must have strong technical knowledge about taking photos with digital cameras or smartphones. They also need to understand how to capture the right lighting conditions for each project.

5. Print Production

Print production encompasses all aspects of printing from choosing the right paper stock to setting up files for printing presses.

Knowledgeable print production professionals can ensure that prints come out looking exactly as intended by selecting the right equipment and materials for each job.


Graphic design is a multifaceted profession which requires proficiency in many different disciplines including typography, illustration, marketing, photography and print production among others in order to achieve successful results. To become a successful graphic designer one must master these top 5 graphic design skills.