What Are the Steps of the Graphic Design Process?

Graphic design is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas. The main goal of graphic design is to create visual content that conveys a message, evokes emotions, or simply grabs the attention of its audience. In order to do this effectively, designers must understand the steps of the graphic design process.

Research: The first step in the graphic design process is research. This includes researching the client’s needs, researching the Target audience, researching trends in the industry, and researching other design elements that could influence the final product. This step helps designers get a better understanding of what their client wants and needs from them.

Planning: Once research has been done, the designer can begin planning their design. This includes sketching out ideas for layouts and visuals, deciding on colors and fonts to use, and determining what kind of messages or emotions they want to convey with their designs. Planning helps designers create better designs that are more effective at communicating messages.

Design: After planning is complete, it’s time to start creating! Designers will use software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to create their designs based on what they have planned out. They will use different tools within these programs in order to manipulate images, typography, colors, etc., until they are satisfied with their creations.

Review: After a designer has created their designs they must review them in order to make sure they meet all of their client’s needs and expectations. This can include testing out different versions of a design or asking for feedback from colleagues or clients before making any final decisions on which version should be used.

Presentation: When a designer is satisfied with their work it’s time for them to present it to their client for approval. They may need to make some tweaks here and there before it is finalized but this is usually just minor adjustments that don’t take too long for them to do.


The steps of the graphic design process are important for any designer wanting to create effective visual content that communicates a message effectively while also appealing aesthetically to its audience. By understanding each step in detail designers can ensure they are producing high-quality work that meets all of their client’s needs.