What Are the Steps in the Design Process as a Landscape Architect?

Landscape architects are responsible for designing outdoor spaces such as gardens, parks, playgrounds and golf courses. They combine their knowledge of horticulture, ecology and design to create aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor areas.

To do so, they must understand and follow the steps of the design process.

1. Analysis:

The first step in the design process is analysis.

The landscape architect must first analyze the site to determine its size, shape, soil type and existing vegetation. They must also consider any existing structures, climate conditions and the needs of their client. Once they have gathered this information they can begin to develop a concept plan.

2. Concept Plan:

The concept plan is a rough sketch of the final design that includes elements such as pathways, planting beds and water features. This plan is used to give an overview of the project before moving on to more detailed plans.

3. Detailed Design:

Once the concept plan has been approved by the client, the landscape architect can begin creating a detailed design plan. This plan will include all necessary measurements as well as specific elements such as types of plants, materials for pathways and drainage systems.

4. Construction Drawings:

Once the detailed design has been completed, construction drawings are created that provide all necessary information for construction crews to build out the project. These drawings will include details such as elevations and cross-sections.

5. Construction Administration:

During construction administration phase, landscape architects are involved in overseeing construction progress and ensuring that it meets safety standards as well as their client’s expectations.


The steps of the landscape architecture design process are analysis, concept plan creation, detailed design development, creating construction drawings and construction administration. By following these steps carefully a landscape architect can create beautiful outdoor spaces that meet their client’s needs.