What Are the Six Phases of Product Design?

Product design is a process that involves the creation of a new product or improvement of an existing product. It includes not only the design of the product’s physical aspects, but also its usability, performance, and other features. In this article, we will discuss the six phases of product design.

The first phase of product design is concept development.

This phase involves brainstorming ideas for the product and deciding on what features it should have. The goal is to develop a concept that will meet customer needs and be feasible to produce. During this phase, market research is also conducted to ensure that there is a demand for the product.

The second phase is design formulation. This includes creating detailed specifications for each component of the product as well as an overall design plan that outlines how all components will come together. At this stage, drawings and mock-ups are created to visualize how the final product might look.

The third phase is prototyping and testing. A prototype is created so that it can be tested by users in order to determine if it works as intended or if changes need to be made. During this phase, feedback from users is taken into account in order to make improvements before going into production.

The fourth phase is production planning. This includes developing plans for manufacturing the product as well as setting up distribution channels for getting it into customers’ hands. It also involves cost estimates in order to determine how much profit can be expected from selling the product.

The fifth phase is launch preparation. This includes marketing efforts such as creating advertising campaigns and building an online presence in order to generate buzz about the new product before it launches.

The final phase is post-launch evaluation. This step involves collecting customer feedback and examining sales data in order to assess whether or not the goals of the project were met.


Product design has six distinct phases: concept development, design formulation, prototyping and testing, production planning, launch preparation, and post-launch evaluation. Each step plays an important role in ensuring that a successful product launch takes place.