What Are the Different Silhouette Editions?

Silhouette editions are special versions of vinyl records that are made with thicker and heavier material than regular vinyl records. This gives them a distinctive look and feel, and helps them stand out from the crowd.

The different editions vary in size, shape, weight, and even color.

The first edition of a Silhouette record is the standard version, which usually comes in a 12-inch vinyl format. It has a clear or black center label on both sides and is usually pressed on 180-gram vinyl.

This edition is often referred to as the “regular” or “classic” edition.

The next edition is the limited edition version. This version usually comes in one of two colors – either white or black – and is usually pressed on 200-gram vinyl.

It usually has an etched center label on one side, and a printed center label on the other side. The limited edition may also have additional features such as hand-numbered copies, special artwork, or custom packaging.

The third edition is the super deluxe version. This version comes in either 12-inch or 7-inch formats and is pressed on heavyweight 200-gram vinyl.

It also features unique artwork that is often silk screened onto the record’s surface. The super deluxe version may also include extras such as inserts, stickers, posters, postcards, buttons, etc.

The fourth edition is the collector’s edition which typically includes all of the features of the previous versions plus some additional extras such as exclusive artwork or autographed copies from the artist themselves.

These four editions represent only some of the many varieties of Silhouette records available today. No matter what kind of collector you are – whether it’s for music or art – there’s sure to be a Silhouette record out there for you!

In conclusion, ‘What Are The Different Silhouette Editions?’ consists of four distinct editions; standard, limited edition, super deluxe and collector’s editions each varying with their size shape weight colour etc., to meet different needs for collectors who are looking for something more than just your regular vinyl record.