What Are the Basics of Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a creative field that involves the use of various elements such as text, images, and colors to communicate messages or ideas. It can be used to create logos, advertisements, websites, posters, and more. It involves the careful selection of font size and type, the placement of images and text on the page, and the use of color to create a visually appealing design. There are some basic principles that should be followed when creating a graphic design project.


Choosing the right font is an important step in any graphic design project. The typeface should be legible and easy to read, while also conveying the desired message or tone. Care should also be taken when selecting font size—too big can make a design look cluttered while too small can make it difficult to read.

Layout & Composition

The layout of a graphic design project is essential for creating an eye-catching piece.

Careful consideration should be given to where images are placed and how much space each element takes up on the page. The composition of a design should be balanced and symmetrical for an aesthetically pleasing piece.


The colors used in a graphic design project are important for creating an emotional response from viewers. Color can help set the tone of a piece and draw attention to certain elements on the page. Careful consideration should also be given to how colors interact with each other—complementary colors can create a visually pleasing effect while clashing colors can create confusion or clash with other elements on the page.


Typography refers to how text is used in a graphic design project. Careful attention should be given to choosing fonts that are legible at various sizes and that convey the desired message or tone. Additionally, spacing between lines of text (leading) and between individual letters (tracking) can help emphasize certain words or phrases.


Graphic Design is an art form that combines visual elements such as images, typography and color into one cohesive piece for communication purposes. Understanding these basics helps ensure that each project is successful in conveying its intended message or idea.

What Are The Basics Of Graphic Design?

The basics of Graphic Design involve selecting appropriate fonts, layout & composition techniques, color theory, typography as well as understanding balance & symmetry when composing designs.