What Are Silhouette Pictures Called?

Silhouette pictures are a unique form of portraiture that has been around for hundreds of years. Using only a single light source, the subject is illuminated from behind so that the features of the face are obscured and only the outline of the person is visible. This can be an effective way to convey emotion, such as sadness or joy, without showing any facial features.

Silhouette photography has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years as technology has made it easier to create stunning images. Many photographers use digital editing tools to refine their work and create images that are incredibly detailed and full of emotion. These images often have a soft focus which helps to emphasize the contrast between light and dark.

When creating a Silhouette picture, it’s important to choose a good light source. Natural sunlight is often used, but studio lights can also be used to create dramatic effects. Additionally, there are many tools available such as reflectors and diffusers which can help shape the light and add texture to your image.

Silhouette pictures can also be used in creative ways. For example, you could use multiple light sources to create an interesting pattern or use long exposure techniques for an ethereal effect. Alternatively, you could place your subject in front of a background with contrasting colors for an eye-catching image.


In conclusion, Silhouette pictures are called “silhouettes” due to their distinctive look which features only the outline of the subject being illuminated by one light source. This technique is popular among photographers due its ability to evoke emotions and its range of creative possibilities when combined with different lighting techniques.