Was Jay Versace on Call Me if You Get Lost?

Jay Versace is a popular internet personality known for his skits, vines and comedic content. Fans have been speculating whether or not he was featured on Tyler, the Creator’s latest album ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’.

The Rumors:
The rumors started circulating when Tyler released the tracklist for his new album. Fans noticed that there was a song titled “Safari” featuring an artist by the name of ‘Daisy World’. Many speculated that Daisy World was actually Jay Versace using a pseudonym.

Clues to Support the Theory:
There were several clues that led fans to believe that Jay Versace was indeed the mysterious artist on “Safari”. The first clue was a tweet from Jay Versace himself, where he tweeted “I can’t believe I’m on one of my favorite artists’ albums”.

This tweet was posted just days before Tyler’s album release. Additionally, many fans noted that the flow and style of ‘Daisy World’ sounded very similar to Jay’s previous music releases.

The Truth Revealed:
Tyler, the Creator didn’t keep fans waiting too long as he confirmed during an interview with Apple Music that ‘Daisy World’ is in fact Jay Versace. Tyler revealed that he had been a fan of Jay’s work for years and had reached out to him to feature on his album.

Jay Versace’s Reaction:

Following the confirmation, Jay took to social media to express his excitement about being featured on Tyler’s album. He tweeted “I’m on Call Me If You Get Lost! Thank you @tylerthecreator for letting me be apart of this masterpiece.”

    Many fans were thrilled about this collaboration between two talented artists and took to social media to express their admiration:

  • “Jay Versace really made it onto Tyler The Creator’s album! That’s insane!

  • “Jay Versace really snapped on that Tyler track. The world needs more collabs like this. “


In conclusion, Jay Versace was indeed featured on Tyler, the Creator’s album ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’. Fans were quick to speculate and their theories were confirmed by Tyler himself. This collaboration has been well received by fans and we hope to see more collaborations between these two talented artists in the future.