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Versus (Versace) was a diffusion line of the iconic Italian luxury fashion house Versace. The brand was established in 1989 by Gianni Versace, the founder of the original Versace brand. The concept behind Versus was to create a more affordable and accessible line of clothing that would appeal to younger audiences.

The Origin Story

Gianni Versace founded the Versus brand with the intention of branching out from his high-end fashion label and creating a more youthful, trendy, and approachable line of clothing. The idea was to Target a younger audience who wanted to sport designer clothes but could not afford the steep prices of high-end luxury brands.

The Concept

The concept behind Versus was to create a collection that embodied the young, edgy, and rebellious vibe of youth culture while still staying true to the iconic style that made Versace famous. The brand quickly gained popularity among young people who wanted to own a piece of designer clothing without breaking their bank accounts.

  • Collaborations:

Versus collaborated with various artists and designers over the years, including Christopher Kane, J.W. Anderson, Zayn Malik, and Anthony Vaccarello. These collaborations helped keep the brand fresh and relevant in an ever-changing fashion industry.

The Line Today

Today, Versus is still going strong under Donatella Versace’s creative direction. The brand has evolved over time but remains true to its original ethos – being accessible yet stylish for younger audiences.


In conclusion, Versus (Versace) is an excellent example of how luxury brands can expand their reach by creating diffusion lines that cater to different demographics. It is an innovative approach that has allowed many high-end fashion labels to remain relevant in today’s dynamic marketplace while also staying true to their brand’s values.