Versace Eros FLAME Is Listed as Having Opening Citrus Scents, Blending With Pepper, Geranium, and Rosemary, With a Base of Sandalwood. Upon First Application I Felt This Was More Like a Woody, Spicy Vanilla. I Do Not Detect Any Citrus, but the Sandalwood

Versace Eros FLAME is a fragrance that has been making waves in the perfume industry for its unique blend of scents. According to the official description, it is said to have opening citrus scents, blending with pepper, geranium, and rosemary, with a base of sandalwood.

However, upon my first application of this scent, I felt that it was more like a woody, spicy vanilla. I did not detect any citrus notes as described in the official description but could definitely sense the presence of sandalwood in the base. Let’s dive into the different elements that make up this perfume.

The Opening Scents

The opening scents are usually the first impression one gets from a fragrance and can make or break their opinion on it. In Versace Eros FLAME, the official description mentions citrus notes being present in this stage.

However, I personally did not detect any such scent when I applied it. Instead, what I sensed was more of a warm and spicy aroma that is reminiscent of vanilla.

The Heart Notes

As time passes and the fragrance settles down on one’s skin, the heart notes start to emerge. In Versace Eros FLAME, these include pepper, geranium, and rosemary. The combination of these scents creates an interesting contrast between spicy and floral notes that adds depth to the fragrance.

The Base Notes

Finally, we come to what is known as the base notes of Versace Eros FLAME. As mentioned earlier, sandalwood forms the foundation for this perfume’s scent profile. The presence of this woody note gives off a sense of warmth and sensuality that can be quite appealing.

Overall Impression

In conclusion, Versace Eros FLAME is an interesting fragrance with an unconventional blend of scents that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. While the official description mentions citrus notes being present, I did not detect any such scent on my skin.

Instead, what I sensed was more of a woody, spicy vanilla that was quite pleasant. The combination of pepper, geranium, and rosemary added a nice touch of complexity to the fragrance while the sandalwood base note gave it a sense of depth and sensuality. Overall, if you’re looking for a unique fragrance that stands out from the crowd, Versace Eros FLAME is definitely worth checking out.

  • Pros: Unique blend of scents that stands out from the crowd.
  • Cons: Citrus notes may not be detectable on some people’s skin.

So, go ahead and give this fragrance a try to see if it matches your taste in perfumes!