The Perfume Expresses a Sense of Happiness and Grandeur. The Product Is Available as Eau De Toilette (Yellow Diamond) and Eau De Parfum (Yellow Diamond Intense). The Latter Has a Stronger Scent Than the Original Version. This Is Because Eau De Parfum Has

Perfumes have always been an integral part of our lives. They not only enhance our personality but also express our emotions. The Yellow Diamond perfume is one such product that is known for its ability to express a sense of happiness and grandeur.

Available in two variants, the Eau De Toilette (Yellow Diamond) and Eau De Parfum (Yellow Diamond Intense), this perfume has become a favorite among women all over the world. The latter, i.e., Eau De Parfum, is known for its stronger scent than the original version.

But have you ever wondered why Eau De Parfum has a stronger scent than Eau De Toilette? This is because Eau De Parfum has a higher concentration of fragrance oils as compared to Eau De Toilette. While the former contains around 15-20% of fragrance oils, the latter contains only around 5-15%.

The Yellow Diamond Intense variant of this perfume has a delightful combination of floral and woody scents. Its top notes comprise lemon, bergamot, neroli, and pear sorbet. The heart notes include African orange flower, jasmine, osmanthus, and mimosa while the base notes consist of amberwood, benzoin, guaiac wood, and musk.

On the other hand, the Yellow Diamond variant has fruity and floral notes with hints of citron and pear sorbet in its top notes. It also includes heart notes such as orange blossom and freesia with base notes comprising amber wood and musk.

Apart from its beautiful scent, what makes this perfume stand apart is its exquisite packaging. The bottle comes in a diamond-shaped flacon with a yellow tint that looks elegant on any dressing table.

In conclusion, whether you choose to wear Yellow Diamond or Yellow Diamond Intense depends on your personal preference for fragrance intensity. Both variants are excellent choices for women who want to express their happiness and grandeur through their perfume.