Is Versace Series Based on True Story?

If you are a fan of the fashion world, then you might have heard about the popular TV series “Versace”. The show is based on the life and death of Gianni Versace, an Italian fashion designer, and founder of the Versace brand.

The series explores his rise to fame, his personal life, and his tragic murder in 1997. But the question that arises here is: Is Versace series based on a true story?

The True Story Behind Versace Series

Yes, the Versace series is based on a true story. The show is inspired by Maureen Orth’s book “Vulgar Favors: Andrew Cunanan, Gianni Versace, and the Largest Failed Manhunt in U.S.

History.” Orth’s book is based on actual events and interviews with people who knew both Gianni Versace and his murderer Andrew Cunanan.

Growing Up in Italy

Gianni Versace was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy in 1946. He grew up in a family of dressmakers who taught him everything he needed to know about fashion design. From an early age, he showed an interest in fashion and started designing clothes for his sisters.

The Rise to Fame

In 1978, Gianni founded his own fashion brand “Versace” which became extremely popular among celebrities like Elton John and Princess Diana. His designs were known for their bold prints, bright colors, and daring cuts.

Personal Life

Despite his success as a fashion designer, Gianni’s personal life was not always smooth sailing. He struggled with drug addiction and had relationships with both men and women. He met his longtime partner Antonio D’Amico at a club in Milan in 1982.

The Tragic Death

In July 1997, Gianni Versace was shot dead outside his Miami Beach mansion by Andrew Cunanan. The murderer committed suicide eight days later, ending one of the largest manhunts in US history.

  • The Aftermath

The death of Gianni Versace shocked the fashion world and his family. Donatella Versace, Gianni’s sister, took over as the company’s creative director. Today, the Versace brand continues to be one of the most iconic and influential fashion houses in the world.


In conclusion, the Versace series is based on a true story that explores the life and death of Gianni Versace. The show sheds light on his rise to fame, his personal struggles, and his tragic murder. It is an excellent depiction of one of the most significant events in fashion history and a must-watch for anyone interested in fashion or true crime stories.