Is Versace Made by Luxottica?

When it comes to luxury fashion, Versace is a brand that has been synonymous with style and elegance for decades. The Italian fashion house has been known for its glamorous clothing lines, accessories, and fragrances.

But what about their eyewear? Is Versace made by Luxottica? Let’s find out.

What is Luxottica?

Luxottica is an Italian eyewear company that was founded in 1961. It is the largest eyewear company in the world and owns several popular eyewear brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue Eyewear, Persol, and many more. The company not only designs but also manufactures and distributes eyewear globally.

Is Versace Made by Luxottica?

The answer to this question is yes. In 2018, the luxury fashion brand signed a 10-year licensing agreement with Luxottica to design, manufacture, and distribute its eyewear collections worldwide. This means that all Versace eyeglasses and sunglasses are now produced by Luxottica.

What does this mean for Versace Eyewear?

This partnership between Versace and Luxottica has brought a new level of innovation and creativity to the brand’s eyewear collections. The two companies work together closely to create unique designs that reflect the essence of the iconic fashion house.

With Luxottica’s expertise in manufacturing high-quality eyewear and Versace’s distinctive style, customers can expect exceptional quality and design from every pair of Versace glasses or sunglasses they purchase.

The Benefits of Buying Versace Eyewear Made by Luxottica

  • Quality: Luxottica is known for producing high-quality eyewear using advanced technology, so you can be assured that your Versace glasses will last you a long time.
  • Design: With Versace’s signature style and Luxottica’s manufacturing expertise, you can expect eyewear that is not only stylish but also functional.
  • Availability: As one of the largest eyewear manufacturers in the world, Luxottica ensures that Versace eyewear is widely available in retail stores and online.

In Conclusion

It is clear that the partnership between Versace and Luxottica has been beneficial for both brands. Customers can now enjoy high-quality and stylish eyewear from one of the most iconic luxury fashion houses in the world. So, if you’re looking for a pair of designer glasses or sunglasses that exude style and sophistication, look no further than Versace eyewear made by Luxottica.