Is Versace Clothes True to Size?

Are you planning to buy a Versace outfit but wondering if the sizing is accurate? This is a common concern for many shoppers since the fit of a garment can make or break an outfit. In this article, we will explore whether Versace clothes are true to size and how you can ensure a proper fit.

What Does ‘True to Size’ Mean?

Before we delve into whether Versace clothes are true to size, let’s define what this term means. ‘True to size’ refers to clothing that fits according to the measurements listed on the brand’s size chart. In other words, if you usually wear a medium, then a medium-sized garment from that brand should fit you well without any alterations.

Versace Size Guide

Versace has a detailed size guide on their website which includes measurements for women’s and men’s clothing. Their women’s sizes range from XXS to XL while men’s sizes range from XS to XXXL. The guide also provides instructions on how to measure yourself accurately for the best fit.

Factors That Affect Fit

While the sizing guide is helpful, it’s important to remember that other factors can affect how a garment fits. These include:

  • Body shape: Two people who wear the same size may have different body shapes which can impact how an outfit fits.
  • Fabric: Different fabrics have varying degrees of stretch which can affect the fit of a garment.
  • Cut and style: A loose-fitting blouse may be designed that way intentionally while a fitted dress may require alterations if it doesn’t fit perfectly.

Tips for Ensuring a Proper Fit

To ensure that your Versace outfit fits properly, here are some tips:

  • Refer to the size guide and measure yourself accurately.
  • Read customer reviews to see if other shoppers have found that the garment runs small or large.
  • Consider your body shape and the style of the garment when selecting a size.
  • If you’re unsure about the fit, order multiple sizes and return the ones that don’t fit well.
  • Take the garment to a tailor for alterations if needed.


In conclusion, Versace clothes can be true to size if you refer to their size guide and take into account other factors that can affect fit. By measuring yourself accurately, reading customer reviews, and considering your body shape and the style of the garment, you can ensure a proper fit. And if all else fails, remember that alterations are always an option for achieving a perfect fit.