Is Vector Art a Graphic Design?

Vector art is a form of graphic design that uses mathematical equations and geometric primitives to create images. Vector art is commonly used in the production of logos, illustrations, web graphics, and print media. It is a popular choice for designers because it offers a wide range of creative possibilities and is relatively easy to produce.

The beauty of vector art lies in its ability to be scaled without losing quality or clarity. Unlike raster graphics, which are composed of pixels and become distorted when enlarged, vector art remains crisp and clean no matter how much you zoom in or out. This makes it the ideal choice for logos or any design that needs to be used at various resolutions.

Another advantage of vector art is its flexibility. Because it’s created using mathematical equations, it can be edited, manipulated and transformed without losing any detail or accuracy. This means that you can easily make changes to your design quickly and easily without having to start from scratch.

Finally, vector art has an advantage over other forms of graphic design because it’s relatively lightweight. Vector files are smaller than their raster counterparts, making them easier to transfer between computers and faster to upload online.


Vector Art is an efficient and versatile form of graphic design with many advantages over other forms of graphic design. It offers flexibility when creating logos or illustrations, can be scaled without losing quality or clarity, and is lightweight making it easy to transfer between computers. Therefore, Vector Art can be considered as a valid form of Graphic Design.